Thursday, October 28, 2010

Club Penguin Halloween Party 2010 Cheats And Review

The Club Penguin Halloween party is here! It looks amazing!
Here are the secrets to the candy hunt:
Candy Apple at the Plaza.
Pumpkin Candy at the Pizza Shop
Carmel at the Ski Lounge.
Wrapped Candy at the beacon
Candy Corn at the snow forts.
Chocolate Bar at the Beach
Red Lollypop at Iceberg
Pink Wrapped Candy at Girft Shop
Then you should collect your special Background!
Heres a picture!
Now you can waddle over to the Plaza and get your free bat wings
Now go to the Haunted house and grab the Ghost costume!
Awesome! Now you can go to the dark Chamber! Its at the forest on your map!
Heres a picture of the Dark Chamber

Pretty Awesome! Now follow the instructions CAREFULLY
1. Enter the room. You will hear music playing. Click on the piano and follow the same beat as the song you heard. Heres the answer key!

Now lets move on to the next room
Grab the light! It will help you
Once you did that, watch this video below!

BUT WAIT!!! Theres a awesome easyer cheat then doing it like the video! You can put on night vision goggles. Look!

Now you can see the whole room!

Congrats! You are in the last room! Here you can meet Gary! Also be sure to get the free candy pile and also take a peek at the Monster Maker store.

If you want to see more of this party, plus a tour, watch the video below! 

-Party secret- If you drill on the ice berg it carves a face into the pumpkin!
My Review of the party
This party has so much things to get, so much secrets, so much events, and so much things to look forward to. This party is a very interactive fun party! Thats why I give it a
✰✰✰✰✰/5 Stars! Thank you Club Penguin for this party! HAPPY HALLOWEEN

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