Saturday, October 23, 2010

Gary The Gadget Guy

Currently- OFFLINE
Server- N/A
Room- N/A

About Gary
Gary the Gadget Guy (AKA Agent G), is Club Penguin's inventor and scientist and also the former owner of the Sport Shop. He likes wearing a white lab coat and his special twisted spectacles, and enjoys eating fish Dish Pizza, and is almost always seen drinking coffee. He always is inventing new things for the island! He builds many things helpful to Club Penguin and can be seen waddling the island on special events. 
 To Find Gary
Gary is very shy. He does not like to be crowded. He only comes on special events! He is on 2-4 bars high, and is often in a lab or somewhere where a invention is located. To figure out when hes on Club Penguin Visit this website!
5 Things to keep in mind with Gary
1. He does NOT have a password. (hes just a computer with no password)
2. He is NOT a robot. Theres a real Club Penguin worker playing him.
3. He does NOT have a buddie list
4. He does NOT have a igloo. He works in his lab.
5.He does NOT have post cards. Although you can get a special background from him he has 2!
Good luck finding Gary! 


  1. Any body know hen gary will be ONLINE
    i cant find him.

  2. Why not show us the two backrounds? :/


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