Sunday, October 24, 2010

Party Topic: Halloween Party On the way!

With only 5 days left until the Halloween Party, the staff want to know what you guys are doing to prepare for the Halloween party!
"I am preparing by throwing my own halloween party at the cove on Saturday! I have also decorated my igloo! I'm so excited to finally meet Gary! So far I've met Aunt Arctic, Rockhopper, Cadence and The Penguin Band. I still got Sensei and Gary to go!"(Red2120)
So with that said, Gary will be coming to Club Penguin on the 29th. I will be opening up a tracker so when ever I find him I will tell you! If you need help finding Gary click here.
Now i'd like you to comment on this telling me what your doing to get ready for Club Penguin's Halloween Party 2010! Leave a comment with 50 - 75 words telling me what you will be doing! Next week I will then post your answer in the next Party Topic!


  1. I'm getting my costume ready and getting a spooky igloo :^D

  2. member plz? what is tagging, anyways??????

  3. what am i doing??? hoping for a membership (dont feel bad, im just saving) and hopefully i will get one. until them im using my sister's account, and she doesnt have any money, so im just gonna wear random items. on webkinz, im tricking out my account and pets. im also setting timers for reds,my,and a couple other peoples halloween partys.

  4. HI! I start off by Going for walks in the woods. I do that so i can use to scary scenes. Because on Clubpenguin, theres going to be alot of spooky things! BOO! :) I also like dressing my penguin up to the design of my igloo. My igloo right now is a haunted pirate ship so right now im dressed up as a SCARY pirate! :)
    BTW my penguin name is cutie peng 1


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