Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Penguin Band

Currently- OFFLINE
Server- N/A
Room- N/A

About The Penguin Band
The Penguin Band make alot of good music for club Penguin! They have G Billy, Petey K, Stompin' Bob, and Franky. All of them are band members and  help each other as a team to make the island more improved with music.
How to find them
To find them check alot of servers! They stay on a server for 4 min. At the least. But i've seen Franky stay on a server for a long 20 min. The penguin band are often split apart so you have a better chance finding them! But sometimes they are together. They always have a crowd around them.
Things to know about them!
1. They do NOT have a password. (they are just a computer with no password)
2. They are NOT robots. Theres a real Club Penguin worker playing them.
3. They do NOT have a buddie list
4. They do NOT have a igloo. They are always on tour.
5. They do NOT have penguin mail. But you can get a special background from Them! They have 1.
Good luck finding them!


  1. Red! common people what is "Tagging" grrr no one is reponding!!!!

  2. Name:kenji4771

    im coming.When?

  3. In CP is there any way you can track me down to be your buddy? my penguin name is mandyunicorn.


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