Saturday, October 23, 2010


Currently- OFFLINE
Server- N/A
Room- N/A

About Sensei
Sensei is a master ninja! He is our leader, he holds all the power of ninjas. He is very tuff and good at his ninja skills. He is also our teacher, who helps us become a ninja master! But us penguins dont know much about this secret penguin. But we do know he loves tea!
How to find him
He goes on servers from 3-5 bars training us more ninja skills. Hes always found in the dojo, ninja hide out, Water dojo, And fire dojo. He always has a crowd of penguins following him. You can click the "users in room" and look for his name. You can't miss it, it has a large smiley face by his name! He comes on servers for 6 min. Then leaves.
Things To know About Him
1. He does NOT have a password. (hes just a computer with no password)
2. He is NOT a robot. Theres a real Club Penguin worker playing him.
3. He does NOT have a buddie list
4. He does NOT have a igloo. He lives in the Dojo.
5.He does NOT have Clubpenguin Mail. Although you can get a special background from him! He has 3.
Good luck finding him!

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