Saturday, November 6, 2010

About Red2120

Red2120 is the one always posting things on the blog! Red2120 is a penguin that waddles on a snow covered world called Clubpenguin! He goes on server Sleet and loves to meet new people! He also makes videos on youtube! He has a twitter also! Be sure to google him or youtube his name! I'm sure you will find something! Red2120 created this blog to help you! Red2120 hopes that this blog will help you!
About Red2120:
Favorite Color: Red and Black
Favorite Tv Channel: MTV
Favorite food: CANDY! :)
Favorite Singer: Ke$ha
Gender: Boy
Hobbies: Chilling, hanging with friends, Clubpenguin, Blogging, Going to his local rollercoaster park every week!
Favorite music: "Now in Days" Rock pop hiphop and some rap.

If you see me on Clubpenguin be sure to say Hi!  Sorry though if I dont add you! I might be full!


  1. You need to start posting everyday since when i started not posting on my blog i lost views and now i dont post on it because none goes on it any more. so id advise you to try and post everyday. Hope this helped

  2. Thank you Jack! Your very helpful! :)

  3. do you ALWAYS go on Sleet?
    -Jazz 1401

  4. Yes! Red2120 always goes on Sleet!

  5. Red I know loads of ppl iterveiw you but do you ever inter view other ppl

  6. I use to interview other people! But I dont do that anymore! :)


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