Thursday, November 11, 2010


"Club Penguin Party Help" Is here to help kids learn about Club Penguin. ( Club Penguin Is a big online game played by many kids of all ages! Its a 100% safe game! The game DOES have a lot of secrets and a lot of times kids don't catch them all. That's why here at Club penguin Party Help we provide information to help you out on the cheats, secrets, and hints. Here at Club penguin party help we don't provide information and we don't support information on Third-Party Programmers and information regarding "hacking". We promise to have the latest secrets and cheats here at the website regarding parties and big events! 
Our Staff
Our staff here at Club Penguin Party Help sometimes get changed. To find the latest staff members be sure to check the blog on the right-hand side. The main owner and the penguin who updates everything is named "Red2120". Red2120 is always watching and keeping an eye out for the latest secrets on

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