Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Card-Jitsu Water is Here!

Hello everyone! Card-Jitsu water is here and i'm excited! If you want to be a Water Ninja, Click here.
Well here are some awesome things that arrived! Check out the Dojo Court Yard!
Thats awesome! I love the celebration for the Water dojo! Now check out the Ninja Hidout!
Still very awesome! Now check out the cool new dojo!
Looks nice! I love the detail!
If you have not noticed the Club Penguin homepage has changed too!
I love how they replaced the cell phone with the water balloon! I also like how all the penguins are in ninja masks! Thats really amazing! Also check out the new log in screen!

Thank you Club Penguin for this new Ninja Journey and Adventure! I love the game! Thanks!
Good luck Ninjas becoming a Water Ninja!

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