Monday, November 22, 2010

Club Penguin Hidden Emotes

Exclamation Mark Emote:
Press Shift+1 on your key board to do this!

Toot / Music Note Emote:
To do this press E+T On your key board!
Question Mark Emote
To do this press Shift+/ on your key board.

Night Emote:
To do this press E+N on your key board.

Chocolate Ice Cream Emote:
To do this press E+W On your Key board!

Igloo Emote:
To do this press E+I on your key board!
Puffle Emote:
To do this press E+P on your key board!
Coin Emote:
To do this press E+M on your key board!

I hope this helped you learn some new emotions on Club Penguin!


  1. Thanks, red! This helped me alot!
    -Jazz 1401

  2. DUDE I SO HAPPY YOU RUN THIS SITE!(: lolz smiles! is there something on this site to see whats new?

  3. wow red! this site is amazing! how did you figure out all of these cheats and tricks? im on club penguin with you right now! ~ima bee12~

  4. I hate to say it Red but you missed one with E+D it makes a sun:)
    -Blake 3543


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