Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Elite Penguin Force Classes Coming Soon!

Hello Penguins!

Please note: this message is classified. Those who are not agents of the Elite Penguin Force should probably stop reading.


Elite Agents - today I've got an update for you.

This week, a new EPF 'class' is being launched. What's a class? It's a special kind of job that an agent can unlock. Remember - you can trade in badges for Elite Gear in your phone. 

The Tactical Class was introduced in August, and the new one is called the Comm Class. Check it out
The team has some big plans for these classes. The details are top secret, but I will say there's a LOT of important events coming up. Including hints to the location of a certain polar bear... 

So what do you think is in store? Let us know in the comments, and keep watch for anything unusual.

Thanks Billybob for the update! I'm super excited for the classes!
That would be cool if someday we could meet Herbert walking around Clubpenguin!

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