Saturday, November 27, 2010

**EXCLUSIVE** Red2120 Plays Chinese Club Penguin!

Hello everyone! I made an account on the Chinese Club Penguin website! I got some videos to show you about it! Please no stealing images,screen shots, or the video for your website. If you want to use the video for your site please give me proper credit. I do have hidden things I put on my pictures so I can see if its mine or not. I will know if you stole from us. Please no stealing.
My Journey on Chinese Club Penguin:
In the game I noticed there were very old things in it, Like old catalogs, rooms, plays, news papers, music, etc. I think that Chinese Club Penguin was made a very long time ago. I think the Club Penguin staff sorta gave up on it or took a break from it. They still have a lot of work to do with it. Chinese Club Penguin may come out, but theres a chance it wont. I gave my staff member (Hamsters103) the link to the game and her and I tested it! We both had fun playing it! We also took video of it!  It was fun to be a beta tester for Chinese Club Penguin!
Here are our videos!

 To see Hamster's video, Click here!

Thanks guys! We are happy to show you this exclusive! More exclusives of Club Penguin coming soon!

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  1. Wow! They still have the sports shop?!
    Jazz 1401


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