Monday, November 22, 2010

How to be a Club Penguin Ninja!

How to be a Club Penguin Ninja!
Step 1:
To start your Ninja journey go to the Dojo. Heres what the Dojo looks like on your map!
Now that your there you will see a penguin named Sensei! When you put your cursor over him he will appear!
Step 2:
Talk to master Sensei! He will give you a starter deck!
You will notice mats scattered all over the Dojo! Click on one to play your game! You must have two players for each game!
You must play Card-Jitsu!  Heres all your belts you must earn:

 Heres how much Wins you need to gain to the next belt:
White belt: 5 wins.
Yellow belt: 13 wins.
Orange belt: 21 wins
Green belt: 30 wins.
Blue belt: 40 wins.
Red belt: 52 wins.
Purple belt: 64 wins.
Brown belt: 76 wins.
Black belt: 88 wins
How to play Card-Jitsu:
The game is kinda like Rock, Paper, Scissors!
-Fire beats Ice
-Water beats Fire
-Ice beats Water!
To win:
The first way to win is to have 3 different cards the same type but in different colors!
The second way of winning is to have one of each card type in different colors.
So there you have it! Good luck becoming a Ninja! Make sure to head over to the Ninja Hide Out and hang out with other ninjas!

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