Tuesday, November 23, 2010

How To Be A Club Penguin Water Ninja!

How To Become A Water Ninja!
Step 1:
Make sure your a Ninja First! If you are not, Click Here!
Now waddle over to the Dojo! If you don't know where the Dojo is open your map and click here:
Now that your in the Dojo Court Yard, go in the Ninja Hideout (the left building)
Make sure you bought the Amulet. You can buy it by waddling over to the Flippers Emporium!
The amulet is a symbol of power and skill! It is a key to mastering the elements!
Now that you bought the amulet head over to the stone that has the water symbol on it!

Now a door should pop up! Go in! Welcome to the Water Dojo!

To start go talk to Sensei! He will then give you a Card-Jitsu Water deck!
You need to play Card-jitsu water to earn your water suit! Here are all the Water Suit pieces:

Once you put thoes all together you should look like this:
I love the water suit! Once you earn your water suit you must challenge Sensei and earn your gem!
Heres how to play:
First talk to Sensei and click "Earn your water Suit"
Then you will be playing with 2-4 penguins! Like Card-Jitsu, Card-Jitsu Fire, And Card-Jitsu Ice, You need to remember that
Water beats fire
Fire beats Ice
Ice beats water
Heres how the game looks:

Do you see where the green squares light up? That represents where you can move. But on every stone there is a element. You cant stand on a element! You can only stand on Stones with no elements! So this means we will need to get rid of the element blocking the stone your about to jump to! To get rid of the element you must pick a card at the bottom of your screen. The Cards to move fast across the screen so be quick! Once you pick the card choose the stone that your card beats. That stone will then go to blank. See the gong? Thats where you want to get to. Remember to move fast! The game is a race! The stones are also on a stream, that means the stones will be moving toward the water fall! So hurry up or you will fall!

Remember Ninja, to get the official Water Ninja outfit you must defeat Sensei!


  1. Hey. Do u know how 2 become a water ninja FAST?

  2. There is no way other than playing it over and over! But if you battle against all water ninjas and beat them all, you may beable to increase your percent faster!

  3. Thanx. that waz b4 i bcame a WATER NINJA in 3 DAYS!!



  5. Here is a cheat for SPEED: press += before gaming

  6. I keep falling off the endge or someone goes to the finish like way to quick.
    my cards dont respond quick enough n stuff
    its hard.
    know a way to make the cards at the bottom go faster?

  7. hello how are you i am not a water ninja yet but i will be one soon thanks to your tips

  8. Hiya I Cant Become a water ninja cuz everyone i fight goes way 2 fast!!! happy9087


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