Monday, November 22, 2010

How to Become a Club Penguin Fire Ninja!

How To Become A Club Penguin Fire Ninja!
If you wish to become a Fire Ninja you must first master Card-Jitsu! To master Card-Jitsu Click here!
Step 1:
First make your way into the Ninja Hideout! You should already know where this is since your already a Ninja, but if you forgot; heres how to get there!
First open your map and go to the Dojo Courtyard
Then enter the building on the left! Great your there!
Now go to the Flying Flippers Emporium and buy the Amulet! The Amulet is a symbol of power and skill! It is the key to mastering the elements!

Now that you got it, head over to something that looks like this and click on it:
Welcome to the Fire Dojo! Here you can train to become a master of the element of fire!
Remember Card-Jitsu? Well things just got a little harder with Card-Jitsu fire! To become a Fire Ninja you must earn the costume to the ninja! But to earn it you must play Card-Jitsu fire!
Make sure you talk to Fire Sensei and get your starter deck!
To play:
To play you must have 2-4 people in a game! The more people, the faster you can become a Fire Ninja!
To play draw a stone from the middle. You will then get a number. You will have 2 choices to pick from once you pick your stone. You can pick any element you want.

Remember, the higher card wins! If you happen to land on the same stone piece as your opponent(s) you will have to play one round of a Card-Jitsu battle! Remember:
Water Beats Fire
Fire Beats Ice
Ice beats Water
If you land on a stone that looks like this:
You will get to chose your own element. But if you land on a stone that looks like this:

It will be turned over to a Card-Jitsu battle!
You start with 6 "lives"
If you lose a round you will lose 1 "live"
If you win a Card-Jitsu battle you will Gain 1 "live"
If you lose a Card-Jitsu battle you will lose 1 "live"
Once you earn your fire suit be sure to challenge Sensei!
Have fun being a Fire Ninja!


  1. Hi
    Good Site!

  2. i wonder why we have to pay for membership. i want to be a fire ninja becasue i love hot water. i wish i coukd be a member on clubpenguin


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