Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Club Penguin's First Rainstorm On Record

Ninjas! It looks like the water Dojo is coming really soon! Because ITS RAINING ON CLUB PENGUIN!
This is the first ever club Penguin rain fall on Clubpenguin
Check it all out!
Have you noticed Club Penguin is trying to give us the message that "Water beats fire"? Check out pictures telling us this!

Now waddle over to the Ninja Hide out! Check out the water symbol on the ground!

Now isn't that weird that the water completely covers the water sign on the floor but yet you can still see the water symbol!
The Club Penguin Times states that the water is not doing any damage to Club Penguin at all!
You better hurry up to the gift shop because the umbrellas are running out!
To learn more about the all new water dojo coming soon 

Have fun with all the rain! But remember BE CAREFUL!

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