Thursday, November 25, 2010

Red2120's A Water Ninja!

Hey everyone! I remember when I was trying to be a fire ninja! That was super hard and it took me all year. But the day before water came....I earned it! Now its the second day of the official water dojo opening and I am a water and fire ninja! I did it for you guys! I got the suit! Im so happy im finally a fire and water ninja! Im also happy you guys are leaving me awesome comments on my blog! One of the comments I got was:
"Red can you become a water ninja faster"
The answer is...yes only if your playing all water ninjas and you win! But otherwise you must practice and practice. I think I must have played the game over 300 times! It takes forever to get your suit! But if I were you guys id cut it down. Maybe get 10% each day? That would be a good plan!
Awesome! Also as you can see I got Club Penguin Game Day! If you want I can post a review on it! But thats up to you! Leave a comment telling me if I should review it!
Good luck being a Water Ninja!

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