Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Water Dojo Construction, Water Dojo Hunt, Water Dojo Construction Tour

Hello Ninja's! Card-Jitsu Water is on the way! Lets start with giving you the cheats!
Heres all the cheats to the 'Water Hunt 2010!"
"Drink"- At the Stadium
"Cup Of Coffee"- located at the Coffee Shop
"Gold Fish Bowl"-located at the Pet Shop
"Water Bottle"-Located at the Cove
"Hot Chocolate"-Located in the Book Room
"Glass Of Water"- Located in the Night Lounge
"Bucket"-Located at the Beach
"Gold Fish"-Located at the Dojo
Now make sure to Click "Claim Prize"  Then you will get this background below!
DONT FORGET- To Get your FREE "Bucket Hat" at the Snow Forts

Also Sensei now has his own stamp! Check it out!
Be sure to track Sensei with Red2120's Sensei Tracker!
Also they have added the NEW Card-Jitsu Water Video to the Dojo! Go check it out!
Heres a picture of the NEW Water Dojo Under construction!
Make sure to waddle around and help out the Dojo by filling up pipes around the Island!
Be sure to watch the video below!
Water Dojo Construction Tour Video

Wow! This event is amazing! Thanks Clubpenguin! Be sure to play Card-Jitsu Water on the 24th!

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