Monday, December 27, 2010


Get Club Penguin & Red2120 Widgets!

Best Club Penguin Cheats, Codes, Trackers and MORE!

Hello! If you want to support Red2120 by showing one of his widgets on your website/blog, that would be awesome! Heres how to do it! All you have to do is Click here, or the picture below to get the codes! Thats all!


  1. I am going to put one of these on my website for sure!

  2. HEY RED! I was just wondering... can you fix something for me? Remember that banner you made me a few months back? You can see the picture here!
    Type that in you will see the pic. But I need you to fix it... it wont link to my website!
    I dont know how to fix it. So I need your help!

  3. I am going to put this on my website!
    -Jazz 1401

  4. one thing where did you get the puffle party music?


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