Monday, December 6, 2010

Club Penguin Mission 1 Cheats, Walkthrough- "Case Of The Missing Puffles"

Case Of The Missing Puffles
Aunt Arctic, famous reporter for the Club Penguin Times, is very upset, because two of her pet puffles are missing!
Step 1: Click on Aunt Arctic and talk to her
Step 2: Next go to the Ice Rink and grab the pictures hidden all the way to the right, add them to your inventory
Step 3: Go to Aunt Arctic's igloo and give her the pictures.
Step 4: Go to the pet shop, on the left there will be a brown puffle house. Click it.
Step 5: A Code will pop up. The code says G Has __ __ pairs of socks! Each code is different
To figure out the code click the word "Code" At the bottom right corner

Step 6: Once you figure it out, go to the sports shop and talk to Gary.
 Ask him if he has any SPECIAL iteams.
He will then ask you how much Socks he has.
Step 7:  Enter the number from the code you had earlier.
Step 8: Grab the items and put them in your inventory and go to the Ice berg.
Step 9: Go to the ice berg and click the Life Preserver Shooter out and click the penguins who are stranded.
Step 10: Now Rescue all the penguins who are stranded.
Step 11: Go to the mountain, click on the brown penguin crying. Then get out your spy phone. Click the blinking red light and tools will come out. Click the wrench then click the broken telescope.

Step 12: click on the telescope to look through it. Move the telescope around until you see the green puffle flying around a mountain top.
Step 13: Go to the tallest mountain and scroll all the way up! Then grab you rope and throw it to the very top.

Now you hae found Aunt Arctics Puffles! Good work!
Be sure to get your two gifts!


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