Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Club Penguin Mission 10 Cheats, Walkthrough- "Waddle Squad"

Waddle Squad-
The PSA needs you for a special team mission. Can you work well with others?

Step 1: First talk to Gary, later, the screens will go black and Herbert will appear! Then get the solar out of the box from the HQ and add it to your inventory. Then head over to the Beach.

Step 2: Scroll over to your left until you find the Jet Pack Guy. Talk to him. Then go into the light house and grab some cream soda. Then talk to the Jet pack guy, tell him you got the cream soda. Then give it to him.
Step 3: Give him the cream soda. Here's how to solve the puzzle.
-Pour glass 8 into glass 5.
-Pour glass 5 into glass 3.
-Pour glass 3 into glass 8.
-Pour glass 5 into glass 3.
-Pour glass 8 into glass 5.
-Pour glass 5 into glass 3.
-Pour glass 3 into glass 8.
Your done!

Step 4: Go to the Dock and talk to the green penguin! Ask him for the rope, then add it to your inventory.
Step 5: Go to the Town, then the Night Club. Now insert the rope on the lifting machine. Here's what it looks like:
Step 6: Push the red switch up! Then the machine will break. Get out your wrench and unscrew the bolts. Then click the inside of it. To solve the puzzle.
Step 7: Now that your solving the puzzle, simply put the gears on. Here's a picture.
Step 8: Go to the gift shop and talk to the green penguin. To get there go to the Town then walk into the gift shop. Then grab the table, little box with colorful things in it, and also grab random pile of clothes. Then go out side of the gift shop. Put the table down, and place the box and the pile of clothes on the table.
Picture of the stand:
Step 9: Head back into the Gift Shop and talk to the green penguin. Then scroll to the right and talk to the green penguin named Rookie. Once your done, grab the solar powered system and place it on the wires. Then connect the maze. Purple to Purple, Yellow to Yellow, Red to Red.
My maze will look different from your maze.
Step 10: Next go to the Dock! You will see "Herbert" Then your phone will ring. Its Rookie! Then go to the Town, then enter the Night Club.
Step 11: Now that your in the Night Club. You will see how Herbert just out smarted our trap! Now flip the switch. The rope on the cage to make it fall on Herbert.
Step 12: Herbert will then take the cage off of himself. Then all agents will move in! Rookie will come crushing through the wall. The magnet is not strong enough to hold him. So you will need to move the lights onto the solar pad.

Step 13: Now that Herbert is trapped in there, he will escape from Rookie's spy phone! Then he will find seeds! That will be the end of your mission!
Good work agent! Don't forget your free item.

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