Monday, December 6, 2010

Club Penguin Mission 2 Cheats, Walkthrough- "G's Secret Mission"

Mission 2 G's Secret Mission
G The Brilliant inventor for the penguin secret agency, needs your help with one of his newest projects. What could G be up to now?
Step 1: Talk to Gary, tell him you want to receive your mission, once he gives you your riddle, click him again. The answer to the riddle is "Mogul"

Step 2: Click on the sled and add it into your inventory
Step 3: Go to the ski hill and put the sled over by the Test Run.
Step 4: Play G's sled game. Then you will eventually crash and land in the wilderness all alone.

Step 5: Add the rope and the Survival guide book to your inventory.

Step 6: Go down the path with a bush in the distance.

Step 7: Get 3 "O" Berries  and add them to your inventory

Step 8: Once you get that done, move over to the right and shake the tree to make the pot fall out! Then add it to your inventory.
Step 9: Click the path where in the distance a stump is shown.
Step 10: Click the puffles

You have just scared all the puffles away but the black one! Feed the black one a berry

Step 11: Move to the left and take the path way down to the log and the bush.

Step 12: Grab the blue ski and add it to your inventory!

Step 13: Now take the blue Ski, rope, and  1 "O" Berry and combine them all together.
Step 14: Now move to the right and go down the path with the stump in the distance
Step 15: Now move to the right and enter the path by the cave.

Step 16: Now enter the path leading to the river

Step 17: Click the Log and add it to your inventory

Step 18: Place your fishing rod in the river

Step 19: Add the fish into your inventory
Also take some water and put it in your pan
Step 20: Now go to the cave

Step 21: Now go into the cave

Step 21: Now click on a rock.

Step 22: Place the wooden log on your fire pit

Step 23: Place your survival guide book into the fire pit!

Step 24: Give the black puffle a "O" Berry. Then place the fish on the fire.

Step 25: Click the fish to eat it. Now place your pot on the fire
Now click the pan and drink it!
Step 26: now go outside of the cave!

The jet pack guy is now here, he will now take you back to Gary!
Your mission is now over!
Dont forget to grab your medal and letter!

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