Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Club Penguin Mission 3 Cheats, Walkthrough- "Case Of The Missing Coins!"

Case Of the Missing Coins
The coins from the vault in the Gift Shop have mysteriously gone missing. Will you help find them and solve the mystery?

Step 1: Talk to Rookie (The Green penguin) Until he closes the vault.
Step 2: Tell him to open up the vault. But the vault is stuck now. Make your way into the office.
Step 3: Keep turning until you see the orange couch, then look under it and grab the paper clip and disk and add it in your inventory.

Step 4: Go to the computer. Click on it. Turn it on by clicking the power button.Then put the disk into it.

Step 5: Click on "My Files" Then "Combination_Number" Remember the number. (Write it down)

Step 6: Go enter the combination on the valt lock.
Step 7: Enter the combination number that you wrote down from the computer. Incase your wondering, the combination letters, "N E S W" Stand for 'North, East, South, West) If you still don't get it, I made this picture:
Step 8: Once the valt opens,  Click on the coins! Then your spy phone will ring! Click on it! Read Gary's message then return to the HQ. Then talk to Gary by clicking on him.
Step 9: Once your talking to Gary, ask him if you can watch the video. Then click on the Tv.

Step 10: Finish talking to Gary. Then click the open drawer.
Step 11: Click on the top left key that looks slightly green and add it to your inventory.
Step 12: Exit the drawer and get the flash light! Add it to the inventory!

Step 13: Go to the Gift Shop, go in the Office, then use the key to get into the roof!
Step 14: Now that your on your roof, open up your spy phone and click the Red blinking lights for your tools, grab your wrench. Then unscrew the "Powa box"
Step 15: Get the white fur out of the vent
Step 16: Click on the Powa box then put the paper clip in the Powa Box.

Step 17: Now go to the town and click on the brown crying penguin.
Step 18: Go in the Night Club, take out your flash light so you can see, then enter the secret passage to the boiler room.
Step 19: Look for the fuse box, when you find it, click on it.

Step 20: Turn all the lights green by clicking lights. Once your done, go to the HQ and talk to Gary. Then give him the white fur!

Don't forget to get your 2 items.
 Good luck on Mission 4!

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