Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Club Penguin Mission 4 Cheats, Walkthrough- "Avalanche Rescue"

Mission 4: Avalanche Rescue
There has been an avalanche on the Ski Hill, and your help is needed. Will you answer the call?

Step 1: Click on Gary, ask him where the life preserver shooter is.
Step 2: Enter the Gadget room (Gary will open it for you) and turn to the left and find the Life Preserver Shooter. Add it to your inventory
Step 3: Go to the Ski Village, then Ski Lodge, scroll to your right to find the fishing rod! Add it to your inventory.
Step 4: Go to the Beach, then the Light house. Look for the rope inside the boat! Click and drag it to your inventory
Step 5: Go into your inventory and combine the Life preserver, rope, and fishing rod together.
Step 6: Go to the Ski Village, then the Sports Shop. Then take off the green penguin's belt and add it to your inventory. The penguin is fake.
Step 7: Go to the Ski Village. Talk to the brown penguin. Take out the belt and put it on the Ski lift. Then collect the white fur.

Step 8: Go to the Beach, Light House, Then upstairs into the Beacon. Open up your Spy Phone, click the red blinking button for your tools, grab the wrench, then unscrew the telescope and put it in your inventory.
Step 9: Go into the Ski Village, enter the Sports Shop, then go into Gary's Room!
Step 10: Scroll until you get by the two windows. Place the telescope on the right window.
Step 11: Look in the telescope and write down the correct path you see in the maze.
Step 12: Go to the Ski Village, then Ski Hill, and go down the Ridge Run. Remember the correct path you wrote down. Once you finish, and get to the end of the maze, take out your item your going to use to save your penguins and click the broken path.
Step 13: Use the tube to break the branch on the left, Then pick up the penguin on the branch.

Step 14: Now grab the second penguin you see. Place one of the penguins back on the branch. Then use the other one to grab the 3rd penguin.
Step 15: Now drop all the penguins by the rock so they can push it.

Step 16: Now drop all three penguins down to grab the 4th penguin

Step 17: Talk to G and give him your white fur.

Good work agent! Don't forget to get your free items.

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