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Club Penguin Mission 5 Cheats, Walkthrough- "Secret Of The Fur"

Secret Of The Fur
The mystery of the fur remains unsolved. Will you help G to unravel it's secret?

Step 1: Talk to Gary for a little bit. When he asks you to fix the Furensic Analyzer 3000, tell him that you can fix it. Then click the Furensic Analyzer 3000.

Step 2: Take out your comb by clicking your spy phone, click the red light to get out your tools, then grab the comb and brush the pink fur.
Step 3: Talk to Gary. He will give you the white fur. Use the machine to figure out what the animal hair is from. It won't figure it out. But it will tell you what the stains are from.
Step 4: Go to the Pizza Parlor. To get there open your map and go to the Plaza. Then click the building that says "Pizza" Talk to the penguin in there and ask him if you could take the Chocolate and the Hot sauce as evidence. Then grab the hot sauce and Chocolate sauce. Then click him again and ask if he needs help. Then click the pizza box and head over to the Ski Village, then go in the Ski lodge, Then go in the Ice Fishing room, and deliver it to the penguin. The Ice Fishing room is behind the door that says "Gone Fishing"

Step 5: Go to the Coffee Shop, by clicking your map, going to the town, then going in the building that says "Coffee" Talk to the penguin in the shop.

Step 6: Keep talking to him. The first time you talk to him he will show you a drawing of the thing he saw. Talk to him, ask him if you can get chocolate from him. He will say its broken, say you can fix it.
Then click on the machine, put the mug sitting on top if it under the machine. Then fill the bowl up with chocolate sauce.

Step 7: Now attach the broken "Milk" tube back to the machine by using your wrench. Then turn the nob from "Cold" To "Hot" Then "Press for Hot Chocolate" Grab the mug filled with hot chocolate and add it to your inventory
Step 8: Go to the HQ, then go in the Gadget Room, then grab the AC 1000 and add it to your inventory.
Step 9: Now go to the Beach, then go in the Light house, then talk to the penguins on the stairs. Once your done, go up the stairs, in the Beacon. Then take out your AC 1000 and blow the balloon over by you. Then cut the string with your scissors (open your spy phone, click the red light for the tools and get the scissors.)  Then get the fuel and add it to your inventory.

Step 10: Go the the Light House, grab the net.
Step 11: Stay in the Light House, go by the red boat and grab the rope out of it.
Step 13: Go back to the Plaza, go in the pizza shop and grab one of the three candles on the tables. Add them in your inventory.
Step 14: Combine the rope with the net. This will make a trap. Then go back to the HQ And talk to Gary.
Step 15: Click and drag all three items (hot sauce, Hot chocolate, and jet pack fuel) And place them in the machine with the goggles.

Step 16: Click on the goggles and add them to your inventory. Once you do that, click on the goggles in your inventory to turn them on. Go the the Ski village then the Ice fishing place.
Step 17: Now set up the trap on the tree branch. Then place the candle on the trap.

Step 18: Now click on the white fur and add them to your inventory. Then click on the crab and add it to your inventory.
Step 19: Now go to the HQ and enter the Gadget Room. Talk to Gary, then give Gary your crab. Once your done talking to Gary click on the Furensic Analyzer, put the fur into the machine.
Once your done, talk to Gary.
Great job agent! Make sure to grab your two free gifts!

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