Friday, December 10, 2010

Club Penguin Mission 6 Cheats, Walkthrough- "Questions For A Crab"

Questions For A Crab:
Many Questions remain that only a crab can answer.

Step 1: Talk to Gary! Ask the crab some questions, then suddenly the machine will explode and the crab will get away. Gary will tell you to go follow the Crab.
Step 2: The Crab will first go to the HQ, go there first. Keep following the crab where ever he goes. Later when you follow him and he jumps off the mountain, jump with him. You will fall and lose your map.
Step 3: Keep following that crab! You might have to scroll left and right to see where it is! Later he will go into a little door, leading into a cave. The door to the cave is locked.
Step 4: Its time to unlock that door! Scroll to the right and take the path with the stump!
Step 5: That puffle looks hungry! Let's feed it! Scroll to your left and take that path!
Step 6: The Puffle O's are hanging! Let's get them down! Click your spy phone in your inventory, then click the blinking red light for the tools, then get the scissors and cut them down. Add the puffle "O's" To your inventory.
Step 7: Go back to the black puffle and feed him a "O" Berry. He is now your friend!

Step 8: Go back to the cave I told you about earlier. Put a "Puffle O" By the little door! Your puffle will unlock it for you.
Step 9: Now your trapped in a cage by Herbert! Herbert will now tell you about him. Talk to him for a while.
Step 10: Now that your black puffle is back, scroll over. Place the puffle berry on the lever.
Step 11: Now take out another puffle berry and place it on the metal piece to carry water.
Step 12: Now place a berry on the scale.
Step 13: Now that you officially are out of the trap, you will need to scroll and grab some things.
Step 14: Now get the hot sauce and place it on a puffle "O" Now add that to your inventory
Step 15: Get the blue print, and add it to your inventory.

Step 16: Combine the hook and rope together and make the graphing hook.
Step 17: Open the door to the exit. But snow is in the way, so give your puffle the "O" Berry thats on fire, that will make he/she bust through the hole.
Step 18: Go back to where you landed after your fall. You will see a clift. Use the tool that we created. Use the graphing tool and throw it to the top.
Step 19: Go to the Ski village, then Ski Lodge, Then enter the door that says "Ice Fishing"
Step 20: You will see Herbert in there! He's hungry! Time to feed him! Go to the Plaza, the enter the Pizza Shop and get the Sea Weed Pizza! To get it, talk to the green penguin behind the counter.
Step 21: Go back to where Herbert was. Give him the Pizza, when he moves to the side with it. Push the red switch on the machine that the crabs sitting on.
Step 22: The machine will then go out of control and leave. Gary will then come, Give him the blue print that we collected earlier.

Good work agent! Don't forget your two free items.

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