Saturday, December 11, 2010

Club Penguin Mission 7 Cheats, Walkthrough- "Clockwork Repairs"

Clockwork Repairs:
The Clock Tower neeks repair. And G needs your help. Can you fix it in time?

Step 1: Talk to Gary, he will explain the problems with the Clock Tower. Then click the monitor of the Snow Forts.
Step 2: You will see Herbert taking apart the Clock Tower. Now talk to Gary again, then go into the Gadget Room.
Step 3: Find the Life Gard tube and add it to your inventory. Now head over to the Dock.
Step 4: Talk to the 2 penguins from the Blue Team, and then eventually you will play a game. You must hit the target. You only have limited snow balls. Every time you hit the Target the penguin will get farther away, making it harder to hit it.
Step 5: Once you beat the game, add the target to your inventory. Then give them your life Gard tube.
Step 6: Now go to the HQ And scroll to the Invention Cabinet, click on the middle item.
Step 7: To unlock the the gate, the combination is spelled "Key" Click on your "Code" helper at the bottom right corner. Then add it to your inventory, and head to the ice berg. When your there, scroll until you see the spring in the water. Then take out the magnet and use it to get the spring over to you. Once you get it, add it to your inventory.

Step 8: Go to the HQ then go into the Gadget Room. Find the Test Chamber. Then place the spring on the end of the test chamber, and pull the red switch.
Step 9: Push the Fire button then pull the red switch again.
Step 10: Add the spring to your inventory. Now go to the Town and ask the green penguin and ask him for a poster of the Prime Gear and add it to your inventory.
Step 11: Go to the Ski Village and talk to the penguins with the broken snow man. Then go to the Beach and grab the green bucket and add it to your inventory. After that head over to the snow forts and scope some snow in the bucket.
Step 12: Go to the plaza, then the pizza parlor. Grab the sheet of paper on the floor next to the piano on the stage. Then go to the stage and click the piano and place the sheet of music on there.
Step 13: Play the music according to the color of the notes. Once your done, give the poster to the yellow puffle, then give it the snow.
Step 14: Add the gear the puffle just made and add it to your inventory. Now go back to the HQ Then the Gadget Room, then place the gear on the Test Chamber and push the red switch.
Step 15: Now push the Ice button. Then press the switch once again and add the frozen gear to your inventory.
Step 16: Now head over to the Snow Forts, and click on the Clock Tower, put the spring and the gear plus the target in the correct spots.

Step 17: Your phone will ring! Herbert will be on the phone, when he hangs up, Gary will walk out of no where. Talk to him. Then your mission will be complete.
Good work agent!
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