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Club Penguin Mission 8 Cheats, Walkthrough- "Mysterious Tremors"

Mysterious Tremors
Terrible Tremores have been shaking things up around the island. Can you solve this mysterious menace?

Step 1: Talk to Gary, he will explain everything thats going on. Then grab the Beigh hat and add it to your inventory.
Step 2: Scroll around until you find the hammer, then add it to your inventory.
Step 3: Go to The Dock. You will see Herbert and Klutzy! Click on them and talk to them. Then Klutzy will cut the map in half.
Step 4: Add the lantern to your inventory.
Step 5: Go to the Town and you will see one of the map pieces stuck in the "N" on the Nightclub.
Step 6: Go in the Coffee Shop and pick up the cookies. Then take a Cookie (the clerk will give you it) and add it to your inventory.

Step 7: Go to the Town, give the Green Puffle the hat, then the cookie. The puffle will knock down the first half of the map.

Step 8: Now that the first half of the map is knocked down, grab it and add it to your inventory. Now go to the Snow Forts, and follow the other half of the map. When the other half of the map gets stuck on the flag, click it. Then the map will fly again. Then go to the Plaza. It will get stuck in the penguins news paper.
Step 9: Talk to the green penguin. Go to the pizza shop and talk to the cook. Ask for the double meat pizza with extra grey fish.
Step 10: Once he makes it, add it to your inventory. Now go to the plaza and give the green penguin the pizza. Then he will give you his news paper. Take out the other half of the map. Combine the two halfs together to get a whole.
Step 11: Next go to the Beach. Grab the net.
Step 12: Enter the Light House and ask the orange penguin for the whole box of balloons. Then add the whole box to your inventory. Next scroll until you find a purple penguin with cream soda. Select "Are they safe enough for me to take them with me" Then add the cream soda to your inventory.
Step 13: Open your map and go to the Ski Village, then the Sports Shop. Grab the pegs and add them to your inventory.
Step 14: Go to the HQ then the Gadget Room, talk to Gary. When hes done talking to you, ask about the Super Helium then ask him if you can take it. Then add the Super Helium to your inventory.
Step 15: Go to the Town. Combine the Super Helium and one of the Balloons.
Step 16: Tie the Balloon the the top of the Gift Shop, it will then rise.
Step 17: Now place the net under the Gift Shop.
Step 18: Now put the pegs on the net.
Step 19: Now hammer down the Pegs.
Step 20: You have officially fixed the Gift Shop! Now head over to the hole. When you get into the Dark spot. Click on your lantern to light it up! Then use your map to head through the maze. Once your at the end of the maze use your wrench and unscrew the gear. Add the gear to your inventory.

Step 21: Take the hole to the Boiler Room. You will see Herbert and the crab. Talk to Herbert.
Step 22: Your phone will ring after Herbert hit the boiler. Answer it! Now fix the boiler. Click on it. To fix it, move the pipes to connect it to the correct side. The top right corner to the bottom right corner.
Step 23: Your phone will ring. Answer it. Then go to the HQ then talk to Gary. Then give him your gear.

Great work agent! You have completed your mission! Don't forget your two free items!

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  1. Why do people need to know how to do this mission? It is so easy!

    ~ Cubone12345


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