Monday, December 13, 2010

Club Penguin Mission 9 Cheats, Walkthrough- "Operation: Spy & Seek"

Operation: Spy & Seek
You've been contacted for a special mission to track down Herbert. Can you bear down on his location?

Step 1: Talk to Gary, he will tell you what to do. Then click on the 3 transmitters and add them to your inventory. Also add the blue prints to the kite to your inventory, as well as the yellow duck.
Step 2: Go to the Ski Village, talk to the two penguins. You will need to find the pieces of there game! Heres pictures of there locations:

Also grab the sting by the rug!

Step 3: Give the penguins the pieces to there game. Then go to the Forest and grab the stick.
Step 4: Its time to combine!! Stick, paper, string, and transmitter together.
Step 5: Go to the Mountain, then place your kite onto the signs.
Step 6: Go to the plaza. Click on the penguins talking by the Stage. Then one of there puffles will blow a bubble and get them stuck! Tell them you can help them. Then click inbetween them. To release them.
Step 7: Then ask them if you can take some with you. Take the gum and add it to your inventory. Now go to the Dock and talk to the penguin by the boat. When your done talking to him, pull the brown rope connected to his boat.
Step 8: Ask him if you can take the air pump. Then take it, and add it to your inventory.
Step 9: Go to the Ice Berg. Combine the Gum with the Duck, then combine the pump.
Step 10: Use your mouse to pump up the duck. Move your mouse up and down to fill it up with air!
Step 11: Then place it into your inventory and combine the duck with one of the transmitters.
Step 12: Put the duck anywhere in the water and watch it sail away.
Step 12: Go to the Mine Shack, and talk to the penguin on the mine shack. Ask him if there is any way you can help him. He will say yes. Then click the wood on the mine shack.
Step 12: You will need to complete this puzzle, heres how to do it:

Step 13: Tell the construction worker you can work some more. (select Yeah Sure) Then click on the mine car.  Then weld it up. Weld only on the cracks.
Step 14: Now place the last transmitter on the cart and let it roll down the tracks. (Click the cart to make it roll) Then your phone will ring! It's Gary!
Step 15: Talk to Gary at the HQ, then grab the Binocular 3000 thats next to Gary, then go in the Ski Lodge, and then go in the door that says "Gone Fishing"
Step 16: Move to the right, look into the binoculars.
Step 17: You will see Herbert! After wards, Gary will call. Then go into Herberts camp. Then grab the spy phone.
Step 18: Combine the Spy Phone and the Binoculars, then place it in the tree:
Step 19: your spy phone will ring. Answer it. Go to the HQ and talk to Gary. Then you have completed the mission!
Good work agent!
Be sure to collect your two free things!

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