Thursday, December 30, 2010

*EXCLUSIVE* Club Penguin Events Leaked

Hello guys! Many of you all were sending me this picture, that appears to be a white board in the Club Penguin office. On the white board it talks about events, and things they might have planned out for us. This picture may NOT be true. It could be a kid's white board at his house and him writing all this stuff trying to fool us. But it looks legit, and it looks really real! Could it be real?
The white board lists things to happen, here are things it lists, Now keep in mind that some of these things may not make sense, its things they wrote though, and I'm just writing them for you:
In the Month Of January:
-EPF System Defender
-Expedition Party
-Paige Brown Puffle
-Iphone Phase 1a
-Help Section
-Translated Book Games
-Parent to Beta Test?
-In the Month of February:
-Puffle Party
-Maybe a new stamps for Pizzatron 3000
In the Month of March:
-New Puffle Launch (brown maybe)
-St. Patricks Day?
-Save Igloo phase 2
-Card-Jistsu water expansion deck
-Maybe Treasure Hunt Stamps?
-Stealth Class
In the Month of May:
-Medieval Party
-Big EPF Launch
In the Month of June:
-Adventure Party
-Iphone Phase 2-Puffles
Now, I honestly don't know if I believe this is really going to happen? This picture does look a bit convincing though.
Click the picture to zoom in:
So now, we are just going to have to wait. If these events happen this month, I guess we can call it real.
So what do you think about it? What have you discovered about the picture?
-Did you know in Canada, some schools go on field trips to the Club Penguin office? Could this be a kid be snatching exclusive pictures from the office?


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