Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Happy 100th Post! :)

Hello everyone! Red2120 here! I've really been getting into blogging! A matter of fact, I love blogging! This is my 100th post on the website! Trust me there will be plenty more! So here are my plans for this website:
-Get all Club Penguin Missions done and posted on the website
-Get all EPF Video game missions posted on the website
-Get all Herberts Revenge Video Game Cheats posted on the website
-Get all Club Penguin Game Day Cheats posted on my website.
All of this is going to take alot of work! I am trying really hard to get alot of this all done! Sorry if your feeling "spammed" on this website!
Anyways, I'm working on new designs, and some new plans for this website.
I think everytime a party on Club Penguin will happen, im going to design the website like the party! How would you like that?
Thats all for now! See you at the Rockhopper tracker!
Rockhopper tracking starts on the 16th! So lets all get are serious Rockhopper tracking started!

1 comment:

  1. SWEET!!! I love your blog posts and you are getting better at blogging every day! I just hope you would make more vids because your vids are INSANELY AWESOME!!! (I am MrJazz1401 on YouTube)
    -Jazz 1401


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