Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Holiday Party Over, Rockhopper Leaving, Where is the Secret Room?

Hey guys the Holiday Party is now over! That was a great party! But, I have a concern. The awesome ??? Room is now gone! I loved that secret room! But I know it will be back later.
Coins for change is now over, but there is a cool new sign at the beach!
Looks like we will get the results of how well we did on January 4th! You can also get the results of it on this website on Jan. 4th!

Also from the poll I put on my website "Rate the holiday party" It looks like the holiday party scored a 4.5 average!
Thank you Club Penguin for the Holiday Party! Bye Rockhopper! It was fun meeting you!


  1. im happy that we donated

  2. yeah i liked that room too! and i'm kinda sad that i have to wait for ages till Rockhopper comes back! well at least he came! can't wait till January 4th!and i donated like,3 to 5 times! reason why only 3 to 5 times: i did expencive donations like over a thousand coins or somethin' like that!

  3. OOPS! WAIT I DID Cadence908 i actually meant Cadence0908! sorry 'bout that!
    [i got my name right this time!]


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