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Club Penguin Mission 11 Cheats, Walkthrough- "The Veggie Villain"

The Veggie Villain:
Another Incident has been reported involving Herbert P. Bear. Are you ready for the big showdown?

Step 1: Talk to Gary! Eventually ask him if they are corn seeds. Now enter the Town, then the Gift Shop. Talk to the green penguin named Rookie. Then grab the seeds. Then add them to your inventory.
Step 2: Now scroll until you see the office door, then enter it.
Step 3: Talk to the red penguin, his name is The Jet Pack Guy. Then add the corn seeds to your inventory.
Step 4: Then exit the room, and your spy phone will ring. Click on it to talk to Gary. Your spy phone has just broke! To get into the HQ go to the Sports Shop, and enter the changing room. Talk to Gary.
Step 5: Once your done talking to Gary, Herbert, and Rookie, enter the Light House. You will see a CD hiding under the piano. Click it.
Step 6: A clean CD is a happy CD, add the CD to your inventory. Then scroll and get the things you need to clean it!
Step 7: Drag the cleaning stuff to the CD thats in your inventory. Spray the CD, and make sure to whip it clean!
Step 8: Now add the CD to your inventory. Next scroll until you see the can. Click on it and add it to your inventory!
Step 9: Go to the Beach, scroll until you see the Ocean. Then fill the can with water.
Step 10: Go to the Ski Village. You will see Herbert broadcasting. Here's what to do, click on the Stereo.
Step 11: Now click the button that has a line under a triangle.
Step 12: Put the CD on the open slot and press that button again.
Step 13: Now that you can't see Herbert, but can hear him, you will need to click on the Stereo again. Unscrew the bolts.
Step 14: Click on the open box. Then you will need to solve the code. Here's how to play:
Red means wrong color wrong location
Yellow means Right color wrong location
Green means Right location right color.
So to begain, choose your color code, then click the Red check button to check and see if your right.
Step 15: Now head into the HQ then enter the Gadget Room. Place the can on the Test Chamber.
Step 16: Then pull the Red switch.
Step 17: Push the "Ice" Button.
Step 18: Then pull the red switch again, and take the Ice that fell out of the can and add it to your inventory.
Step 19: Go to the Ski Village and talk to the brown penguin.
Step 20: Once your done, go to the Beach, enter the Light House, then go up into the Beacon. Talk to the Construction penguin. Give him the ice you made. Then take the lens sitting next to him.

Step 21: Add the lens to your inventory, then go back to the Ski Village and give the lens to the brown penguin.
Step 22: Go to the Mine then enter the Corn Field.
Step 23: Follow the popcorn trail. Make sure to grab the pieces of paper on the way. There will be four pieces of paper. Also make sure to grab the wood you see along the way.
IMPORTANT: Once, you are past the pop corn trails, follow the trails of paper.

Step 24: Now, open your map and head back to the Mine. Once again, enter the Corn Field.
Step 25: Connect all four pieces of paper together. Then go down the Pop Corn path. Now, here is the path you will take once you get to this part:

Step 26:
1. Enter the path with the watering can.
2. Enter the path with the Corn Seeds
3. Enter the path with the bag of fertiliser.
4. Enter the path with the Hot Sauce
5. Enter the path with the Bag of Java beans
Then you will get to a place with water. Take your wood and put it over the water to use it like a bridge.

Step 27: Go down that path. Once you see a large cliff type thing, with torches on fire on both sides, take some pop corn seeds and throw them in the fire!
Step 28: Go up the ladder, and unplug Herbert's computer.
Step 29: Your now locked into the HQ! Here's what to do next: Scroll until you see the books. Click on the Orange one.
Step 30: Next click on the Target that came out.
Step 31: Here's how to solve the puzzle, here's how to do it:
Match the inner ring of colors to the outer ring by pressing the colors to move them around.
Once you did that, Dot will pop out of the closet. She will then teleport you to the Ski Village, and the Sports Shop will blow up! Once your done talking to them, the mission will end!
Good Job agent!
Don't forget to get your gifts!


  1. i don't really know how to match the inner colours to the outer colours of that target thing. I keep clikking on them but them don't mathc each other! please help

    - Lauren5012

  2. the peices of paper dont come up


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